COVID-19 Notice

APS leadership is closely monitoring the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) website and applicable state/local regulations as we manage our response to COVID-19. Our industry understands the importance of biosecurity when it comes to protecting both humans and animals, and we take this very seriously. Please know that our primary focus is on the health and well-being of our employees, customers, vendors, and sub-contractors. Each of you is a vital part of our business, and your safety is of utmost concern.

With that said, we are OPEN FOR BUSINESS. As a contributor to the food chain infrastructure, we plan to serve our producers in as normal a fashion as possible.   

We have been in communication with our suppliers and subcontractors to confirm the availability of staff and product/equipment inventories, given the situation at hand. They have assured us that they have an available labor pool and access to materials to continue to meet the needs of APS now and into the summer.  Additionally, we are working with our subcontractors to ensure that site crews have access to lodging/housing and the availability of food and grocery outlets. Situations may vary from one location to another, so we are staying abreast of happenings in all our services areas. 

It is our goal to provide 100% continuity of current jobs under construction and those in the pipeline. Also, we are continuing to offer general contracting sales and consultation services, with some procedure adjustments. All communications going forward will be through phone, video conference, email, and pre-arranged/approved in-person appointments.  As a company, we have been using remote communication tools for years and are very comfortable conducting business in this fashion.   

We look forward to serving our producer customers and working through this crisis together. I am confident we will emerge from this a stronger and more united Country. 

Please contact Brian Stork or me at 712-852-8556 if you have additional questions or concerns.  

Check back for updates, as this continues to be a fluid situation. 


Rick Thomas                                                    

President, Ag Property Solutions